2018年10月13日 星期六

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The heavy rainfall and flash flooding in Mallorca made headlines around the world this week, with British and German nationals among the victims. The extreme weather conditions took everyone by surprise, and have left a lot of questions about whether the disaster could have been avoided.

Meanwhile, it's been a busy week for the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, who closed a deal with anti-austerity group Podemos on the upcoming budget. Sánchez had a worse day on Friday, however, as the crowds jeered and booed him at the October 12 military parade, amid calls for "elections."

And our most-read story of the week was the latest in the ongoing war of words between Miss Colombia, and Spain's candidate for the upcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant, transsexual model Ángela Ponce.

We hope you enjoy this selection of articles from the EL PAÍS English Edition. Thanks for reading.

Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter

Editor El País English Edition


Flash flooding kills 10 people in Mallorca

Cars piled up in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar after heavy rainfall and flooding. / CATI CLADERA

Mud-caked homes, broken possessions and tow trucks make up the new landscape of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

The impact of the downpour was exacerbated by geography, infrastructure and the difficulty of forecasting the disaster

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez booed at military parade, with calls for

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez during Friday's parade. / juanjo marín

The hostile reception for the Socialist Party (PSOE) politician was in stark contrast to the warm welcome offered to the Spanish king and queen

Spain's PM and Podemos leader sign deal for biggest wage hike in 40 years

PM Pedro Sánchez (l) and Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias. / Zipi

But the success of the socially progressive budget plan depends on uncertain support from Brussels and from Catalan separatists

Spanish PM wants Vatican to help stop Franco from being reburied at Madrid cathedral

Franco's tomb in the Valley of the Fallen. / I.F.

The deputy prime minister will go to the Holy See to try to prevent the dictator's body from resting next to the Royal Palace

Catalan separatists feel effects of their new parliamentary minority

Catalan premier Quim Torra (r). / ALBERT GARCÍA

Three proposals fail to secure passage after the pro-independence bloc loses votes and disagrees over how to replace them

Magistrate finds that Abdelouahab Taib "put himself in danger" by yelling "Allah" just after the anniversary of the Catalan terrorist attacks

Doctor in Spain's first

Doctor Eduardo Vela on trial. / V.S.

Madrid court has ruled that the statute of limitations has expired in case of Eduardo Vela, who was facing up to 13 years in jail for trafficking children during the Franco regime

Far-right political party Vox attracts 9,000 people to Madrid rally

Vox rally in Vistalegre. / K.P.

Created in 2014, the group drew its largest crowd ever at the weekend as polls suggest it could win a seat in Congress

Spanish Finance Ministry to introduce digital tax for firms like Airbnb and Uber

Spanish Finance Minister María Jesús Montero. / V.L.

The government says it will target online businesses that pay low taxes thanks to a system designed for brick-and-mortar companies

Madrid's crazy cat ladies aren't crazy – and they have a license

A cat colony in Madrid. / V.S.

Carers backed by City Hall are looking after over 1,000 feral feline colonies, but not all locals are happy with the system

Spain's transsexual Miss Universe candidate calls for

Spanish model Ángela Ponce. / GTRESONLINE

The Spanish model says she wants to meet Miss Colombia despite her comments that the "pageant is for women who are born women"

The 2,300-year-old winery concealed in a Spanish mountain

The winery found in Sierra de San Cristóbal. / Diego Ruiz Mata

The archeologist who discovered the Phoenician site in Cádiz wants to create an information center on the history and culture of wine

Spain tackles the problem of how to handle your digital legacy after you die

Twitter account of the deceased actor Paul Walker. / J. R.

New rules making their way through Congress will recognize the right to manage or delete online content after someone has passed away

Dawei Ding at the China FM studio in Madrid. / Inma Flores

Dawei Ding is the founder of China FM, the first radio station in Europe that broadcasts in Mandarin Chinese 24 hours a day

The lead singer of Queen and the Spanish soprano, who died on Saturday aged 85, wowed the music world with their duet 'Barcelona'

Francisco Tejón did not let being one of the most sought-after criminals deter him from starring in the clip with half-naked women

Homeowners offer discounted rent in exchange for renovations. / J.C.T.

A new initiative in Jerez de la Frontera is connecting property owners in need of home repairs with people in need of affordable housing

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